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Luminex Wi-Fi

  • Is a wireless method for connecting the Luminex to Case CATalyst versions 16.06, 17.54, 18.56, 19.05 or higher.
  • A Wi-Fi connection offers functionality advantages over Bluetooth wireless connections.
    • TrueStroke Data can be transmitted to CATalyst when using Wi-Fi
    • Dictionary defines are shared between the Luminex and CATalyst when using Wi-Fi
    • Dictionaries can be exported from CATalyst to the Luminex using Wi-Fi
  • You can use any available Wi-Fi router or supply your own to make the connection between the Luminex and CATalyst. Simply connect your CATalyst laptop and the Luminex to the same Wi-Fi network. The connection is encrypted, and you supply your own password for the connection. There is no need to worry about the privacy of the connection.
  • If you are already using CaseViewNet with a Wi-Fi router, you can connect the Luminex to the same Wi-Fi router. There is no need to setup a separate router or separate Bluetooth connection for the Luminex.
  • You may be able to connect your computer and your Luminex to other available Wi-Fi networks. However, the network must allow connected devices to talk to each other and the network cannot require you to enter things such as a room number or additional information after you connect.