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Training At Your Convenience, Plus…

With Ascend Training by Stenograph, you have access to a learning community: expert training combined with your colleagues’ real-world experience via a private social network. This is 24/7, on- demand access to a never-ending virtual conference. Ascend will give you the opportunity to learn at your convenience, whatever you need to learn, whenever you want or need to learn it!

  • Access via computer (PC or Mac), tablet or phone (Android or iOS)

  • Minimum of one webinar per month

  • Minimum of four one-hour “Live Q&A” sessions per month

  • All live events recorded and available for viewing.

  • Weekly Question/Poll/Article with tips & tricks.

  • Daily posted commentary and answers to questions.

  • Once per month, a Premium Event webinar offering you the opportunity to earn a certificate you can submit to NCRA for national CEUs.

Who should join Ascend Training by Stenograph?

Everyone is welcome: there are no prerequisites to membership!
Content is available for users of CATalyst (Professional, Edit, and Student versions), CATalyst + APEX, CaseViewNet, CATalyst BCS, CATalyst VP, and the Luminex. Want more/something else? Post a request!

How do I get Ascend Training by Stenograph?

Click HERE to join! All subscriptions come with a one-month free trial! Your credit card will not be charged until your free trial has ended.

What you WON’T find at Ascend Training by Stenograph

  • Tech Support. If something isn’t working, you’ll need to consult the experts at Technical Support, and you’ll be referred to them for troubleshooting!

  • Cons of Social Media: Ascend’s community has strict standards. There will be no ads, no irrelevant content, and no bullying.