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Training At Your Convenience, Plus…

With Ascend Training by Stenograph, you have access to a learning community: expert training combined with your colleagues’ real-world experience via a private social network. This is 24/7, on- demand access to a never-ending virtual conference. Ascend will give you the opportunity to learn at your convenience, whatever you need to learn, whenever you want or need to learn it!

  • Access via computer (PC or Mac), tablet or phone (Android or iOS)

  • Minimum of one webinar per month

  • Minimum of four one-hour “Live Q&A” sessions per month

  • All live events recorded and available for viewing.

  • Weekly Question/Poll/Article with tips & tricks.

  • Daily posted commentary and answers to questions.

  • Once per month, a Premium Event webinar offering you the opportunity to earn a certificate you can submit to NCRA for national CEUs.

Who should join Ascend Training by Stenograph?

Everyone is welcome: there are no prerequisites to membership!
While the primary training focus (and value) is for users of CATalyst Professional, CATalyst Edit, and CATalyst Student versions, there is content planned for all Stenograph products and services, including CaseViewNet, CATalyst BCS, CATalyst VP, YesLaw, and more!

How do I get Ascend Training by Stenograph?

Click HERE to join! All subscriptions come with a one-month free trial! Your credit card will not be charged until your free trial has ended.

Monthly Premium Event Webinars with opportunity to earn certificate for CEUs - $20 with any current Ascend membership.

What you WON’T find at Ascend Training by Stenograph

  • Tech Support. If something isn’t working, you’ll need to consult the experts at Technical Support, and you’ll be referred to them for troubleshooting!

  • Cons of Social Media: Ascend’s community has strict standards. There will be no ads, no irrelevant content, and no bullying.