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Luminex Comparison Chart

"The more I write on my Luminex, the more I appreciate it. Since upgrading from the Diamante, I have experienced less stacking, less splitting, and less chatter strokes... all in a dramatically smaller and lighter package. It is the most refined machine I've owned, and there's no turning back!"

Jeffrey Weigl, CSR(A), RMR, CRR
Two-Time NCRA Speed Contest Champion

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Mira A3



Weight6.0 lbs.4.5 lbs.3.5 lbs.
Screen TypeVGA ScreenHigh Resolution ScreenHigh Resolution Touch Screen
Screen Tilt100 degrees160 degrees180 degrees
Tension SettingsLegacy12 Clicks  (Greater Range)14 Clicks  (Greatest Range)
Depth of Stroke AdjustmentLegacyShorterShortest
Key Contact TechnologyPhysicalTrueStroke™ Magnetic SensorTrueStroke™ Version 2 Magnetic Sensor
Key AdjustmentPhysicalElectronicElectronic
Data Storage TypeSDSDHCSDHC / Micro SD
Data Storage Max Size2GB32GB32GB
Internal Memory Size N/A32MB6GB
Backup Card: File Types SavedStenoSteno, AudioSteno, Audio
Realtime ConnectionSerial, USBUSB, BluetoothUSB, Bluetooth
Battery Life (all features)8 Hours10 Hours12 Hours
USB Power / ChargingPower OnlyPower OnlyPower and Charge