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Adding product...

All the physical improvements of the Luminex now in the Captioner Student Edition!

The Luminex is smaller and lighter, has an extraordinary degree of precision, and provides the finest writing experience ever.

Luminex CSE Writer Features:

  • Read back steno directly from the screen.

  • Scroll Up/Down to find a point of readback.

  • Search for a steno outline or a mark to find a point of readback quickly.

  • Scroll down with the touch of a button while reading.

  • Select font size to one of five choices for larger text or to see more context.

  • TrueStroke technology utilizes software to accurately track the movement of each individual keystroke. It replaces traditional contact adjustments and helps you achieve cleaner writing with less effort. It's the same technology used in the phenomenal Diamante and Luminex writers adopted by thousands of professional reporters.

  • Precision Adjustments

  • Tension and Depth adjustment wheels are easily within reach.

  • Slant display panel up to 180 degrees for use in varying lighting conditions.

  • Easily adjust the writer tilt 140 degrees for comfort and variety in posture.

  • Computer compatible and realtime ready

  • Internal fifty-page memory provides plenty of storage of practice materials

  • Transfer internal memory via USB cable to Case CATalyst and other CAT software

What's Included

  • Your choice of extended keys

  • USB Type C cable (6 feet)

  • EasyLock® LMX Tripod

  • Charger

  • Downloadable Luminex CSE User Guide

  • Downloadable Luminex CSE Utilities

  • Tote Bag to carry all of your essential writer accessories

  • Optical-quality cleaning cloth and spray cleaner

Writer Dimensions

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Height: 2.5"