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Adding product...

Just when you thought Stenograph writers couldn’t get any better, introducing NexGen™.

NexGen provides unparalleled precision through highly customizable adjustments, delivering a writing experience that surpasses all others. Its larger and brighter screen ensures exceptional clarity and ease of use. With the lightest touch ever offered, NexGen redefines user comfort and ergonomics. New in NexGen, our innovative StenographLink™ improves user experience by enabling direct connectivity to Stenograph for support and over-the-air software updates for unmatched efficiency and productivity.  Welcome to a new era of comfort, accuracy, and innovation with NexGen!


Enjoy an elevated writing experience that exceeds all others

  • Shortest stroke ever, offering 13 positions for customization to individual writing styles.

  • Widest range of tension adjustments with 19 positions and the option to remove all tension with the integrated tension toggle.

"NexGen is all about touch and adjustability. Even writing with an injured "pinky" finger, I was able to tailor a setting that allowed me to write well and continue working."  John Schindhelm, RPR, RMR, CRR


Contemporary industrial design and modernized graphic user interface

  • 33% larger and 29% brighter screen for an exceptional viewing experience.

  • Raised function keys that produce tactile feedback.

"Love the "NexGen" George Jetson look and the sharp feel of the short depth stroke. LOVE the raised function keys. This writer makes that a new frontier for me to explore." Debbie Dibble CSR, RDR, CRR, CRC


Exceptional accuracy right out of the box

  • Improved touch - up to 37% softer and 60% shorter stroke than previous paperless writers.

  • Redefining user comfort, significantly reducing strain and fatigue.

The shallowest stroke, most solid touch; I was able to write hours-long jobs with greater accuracy and less fatigue. (DU)

"First job out of the box and it was near perfect translation.  The soft-as-butter touch has me sold."   Micheal Johnson, CSR (TX), CCR (LA), (WA) & (NM), RDR, CRR


Transforming writer technology

  • StenographLink is a cutting-edge innovation that elevates user experience by enabling direct connectivity to Stenograph Support to quickly suggest adjustments that will optimize your writing accuracy and translation.

  • Simplify and streamline with over-the-air writer updates, eliminating the need for a computer connection to download, install, and transfer files to the writer. Update in seconds when it’s convenient for you.