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A scopist edits transcripts to ensure that formatting, punctuation, grammar and typos are all corrected. In addition, it is often up to the scopist to ensure that all names and terms are spelled properly and any questionable areas are flagged. Many times, the transcript is given back to the court reporter, who then proofreads the transcript for final approval.

With CATalyst Edit, scopists and proofreaders have access to the CATalyst transcript files and can edit, make dictionary entries, globals and any other necessary changes before returning it to the court reporter for final production and delivery. Included in CATalyst Edit is one year of EDGE.

Valuable Features for Scopists and Proofreaders:

RealTeam™ View Team Member Locations

Now you can quickly look at where team members are editing in a transcript. The cursor display for each connected participant will show the current page number location for each participant. You can even double-click on the participant’s cursor to shift your view to their transcript location. 

RealTeam™ Transfer to User

Now the Host of a RealTeam session can make any of the currently connected participants the new Host. This is great for teams when the Reporter is done writing for the day and the Scopists want to continue their RealTeam editing without interruption. They no longer need to invite each other to a new RealTeam session. Instead, the Reporter can simply transfer the hosting of the session to one of the team members and be on their way. 

Case AudioSync Playback™ 

AudioSync provides realtime synchronization of audio with text as a transcription aid. Using CATalyst Edit software, scopists can playback audio while editing or proofreading written testimony. Adjust the playback speed without distortion and replay as many times as needed. Slow it down to help you understand a garbled or faint speaker. Speed it up and scroll text while playing audio when you are proofreading. 

Global Suggest

Global Suggest helps you to quickly define or replace untranslates and mistranslates. Global Suggest will analyze what was written and then offer a definition suggestion right inside of the replace/define dialog. All you have to do is pick the correct suggestion from the list. No need to type, which also means no need to worry about making a typing mistake.


Scopists can rapidly fill in appearance pages by selecting attorneys from a list rather than typing them each time. Once you enter a firm or attorney's information the first time, CATalyst keeps it in a handy list. You'll never retype a firm, address or attorney's name again!

Customize Content and Views

  • Add a new field category or rename an existing one and the matching field is automatically created.
  • Create a case-specific Fill-In-Field list.
  • Fields for a bar number, website address, receptionist name or any other useful information is at your fingertips.
  • Download appearance information from court reporting management software such as the Analyzer™ into a Case Fill-In-Field List for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Fill in an appearance page quickly from a short list of attorneys working on a case.

Undo Globals

With CATalyst, there is no need to panic if you make a mistake while steno or text defining. Undo Global works anywhere and anytime in the file! You can undo all occurrences of a global or just a single occurrence of a global. You can even save and close the job, come back into the job later, and still undo any global in any order.

Intuitive Replace

Stop wasting your time retyping the same replacement text again and again. Intuitive replace pays attention to what you have replaced or defined in the past and automatically populates the replacement or define dialog with the correct text the next time. No more repetitive typing!

Keyboard Maps and Macros

Are you transitioning to CATalyst from another software? Are there keyboard commands you would like to use other than what CATalyst has set up by default? With Keyboard Maps you can set your editing key commands to whatever you feel comfortable with. With Macros you can record and playback your common editing tasks. Imagine the time you’ll save by playing a macro to insert a title page, certificate page and then return you to your current location in the job all with the press of one key.


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