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CaseViewNet Cloud Order

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Cloud Session Code allows the Court Reporter to use an internet connection to stream his or her realtime text to clients using the CaseViewNet Browser Edition, Windows, or iPad viewing software.

Court Reporters, firms and courts can purchase a Session Code for use non-simultaneously by any reporter to whom they provide their code. Session Codes can be used with CATalyst and most other CAT software.

Connection is defined as any individual client computer using CaseViewNet Browser Edition, Windows, or iPad connecting to the court reporter’s realtime stream with a Session Code.

The combination of a CaseViewNet license and a Cloud Session Code provides a clear advantage. All edits made during realtime are immediately refreshed to the Cloud recipients' realtime viewers for the highest quality experience.

Cloud Session Codes can also be used with CATalyst without a CaseViewNet license, and most other CAT software, by using the Cloud Gateway application. You can download Cloud Gateway here.

Cloud Session Code Pricing for CATalyst users with a CaseViewNet License

  • $135 for 1 year of use with unlimited simultaneous connections*
*Cloud Session Codes with unlimited simultaneous connections default to 50 simultaneous connections. Additional simultaneous connections can be obtained at no extra cost by contacting the Stenograph Sales Department. 

Cloud Session Code Pricing for users without a CaseViewNet License
 (Cloud Gateway users with any CAT software)

  • $499 for 1 year of use with unlimited simultaneous connections*
  • $135 for 1 year of use with 1 connection (this is a great option for reporters and CART providers who only need to send to one person at a time.)
Note: Reporters and CART providers using the 1 connection Cloud Session Code can still log in to the Browser Edition viewing software to use the Chat feature with a connected client.