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We will perform routine server maintenance starting at 2 p.m. CT on Saturday, June 1. We expect the work to be complete by 10 p.m. CT on Saturday, June 1. During that time, the website will be down, which means online purchasing of all our products and services will be unavailable. CATalyst and MAXScribe downloads, driver downloads, and e-key authentication may also be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Click here to download the newest version of CATalyst.

NOTE: The download of CATalyst is the same for all customers. What determines your access: Full, Edit, Student, VP or BCS is your Product Key Code (PKC). Once the PKC is activated, then you will have access to CATalyst as well as the features associated with your PKC.

CATalyst updates are available with Integrated Video Training (IVT) or without it. 

The IVT is a series of training videos featuring CATalyst essential skills and productivity boosters. If you would like to install the IVT at a later time, it can be installed using the CATalyst updater, accessed from the Help Menu.

Instructions to Download

1. Right-click on the download link and select “Save link as”.
2. Your browser may tell you that the link cannot be downloaded securely. You may safely ignore this message by following the steps below:
a. Find the menu for more options (three dots or an arrow) in the warning message provided by your browser.
b. Select “Keep” so you can continue the download.
3. When the “Save As” dialog box appears, browse to the location where you would like to save the Case CATalyst installation file (we recommend you choose your Desktop or Downloads folder for easy retrieval).
4. Once the download is complete, locate the Case CATalyst icon in the location where you downloaded the file, and double-click on it to initiate installation.
5. Follow the on-screen installation instructions to complete the process.

CATalyst Version 22 

22.02  With IVT Size: 832 MB

22.02 Without IVT Size: 222 MB

CATalyst Version 21 

21.69  With IVT Size: 822 MB

21.69 Without IVT Size: 211 MB

CATalyst Version 20

20.11  With IVT  Size: 693 MB

20.11  Without IVT   Size: 97 MB

CATalyst Version 19 

19.06   With IVT  Size: 691 MB

19.06   Without IVT   Size: 95 MB

CATalyst Version 18

18.56   With IVT  Size: 704 MB

18.56   Without IVT   Size: 102 MB

CATalyst Version 17

17.54   With IVT  Size: 683 MB

17.54   Without IVT   Size: 102 MB

CATalyst Version 16 

16.06   With IVT  Size: 655

16.06   Without IVT   Size: 80

CATalyst Version 15 

15.05  With IVT   Size: 655

15.05   Without IVT   Size: 80

Additional Downloads for Case CATalyst 

OpusToWav Conversion Program

If you are not using CATalyst Version 20 or higher and have been given an Opus audio file, you may use the OpusToWav Conversion Program to convert the Opus audio file to Wav format. The Wav format file will not automatically synchronize to the CATalyst transcript. If you are using CATalyst Version 20 or higher, there is no need to convert the Opus file to Wav format. The Opus file will play and be synchronized with the CATalyst transcript. Instructions for using the OpusToWav Conversion Program are available in the Readme file provided with the download.

Size: 2MB Date: 02-28-19

SmartCAT Keyboard Map for CATalyst       

Make your transition from Cheetah software to Case CATalyst a bit easier with this keyboard map that mimics your SmartCAT keyboard where possible and logically when not. Use your comfortable and familiar editing methods while you add to your repertoire of functions in Case CATalyst.

SmartCAT Keyboard Illustration for Case CATalyst (pdf)

Download and print the Keyboard Map illustration and keep it handy for quick reference.

Veterans History Project Page Layout and Cover Page                                
Size: 12K Date: 04-23-13

Attention reporters participating in the Veterans History Project. Here is the page layout and cover page approved for the Veterans History Project.

Files included in the

• Veterans History Project cover page (After download and restore, will be located inside of Veterans History Project case)

• Veterans History Project page layout (After download and restore, can be selected as a page layout).

Transfer a CATalyst License

If you wish to sell or give your CATalyst software to an individual or business, we can help you can transfer the license within allowable terms. Transferring the license allows the new owner to register the software, receive the most current version and receive one year of support and updates.

• Educational versions of CATalyst software are not eligible for transfer of license. 
• Support contracts that are attached to a license do not transfer to the new licensee. 
• License Tranfer fees include the current version of software and one year of Support and Updates. 

•The product serial number or Product Key Code (PKC) must be registered to the originating customer.

Right-click the form link below and save the License Transfer form to your computer. 

Software License Transfer   Date: 2022