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CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) provides services for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing students and/or consumers. With CATalyst's CARTView it's never been easier to give your clients what they need.

CATalyst CARTView™

CARTView shows text in a separate window on the same computer or it can be dragged to another monitor or tablet using a sharing program.

Need to provide CART services to customers remotely? With CaseViewNet Cloud and iCVNet, you can provide CART services from anywhere. Your CART consumer will use an Internet connection and their iPad® to view your CART Captions.


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How to share CARTView™:

  • Dedicate the full screen or a portion of your screen to resemble closed captions
  • Share on a separate monitor, iPad® or tablet
  • Show remotely via online meeting software

How to enrich the audience’s experience:

  • Customize font style, size, color, and background with ease
  • Adjust transparency for layering over other active windows
  • Resize window, margins, and spacing for optimum aesthetics
  • Snap to top, bottom, or sides without tedious manual resizing

Never let them see you sweat!

  • Keep your CATalyst screen for your eyes only
  • Freedom to use Brief It, CAT Scratch, and Power Defines without your client knowing
  • No need to change YOUR realtime display settings
  • Ability to save and recall consumer preferences

Case Prep™

Case Prep is invaluable in preparing for CART jobs. With Case Prep, you have the ability to compare content of class materials to your existing dictionary(ies), and with one click, Dictionary Builder helps you create and define briefs in just minutes.

CaseViewNet Browser Edition Link

Now you can create a link for clients to click on when they want to connect to your CaseViewNet Browser Edition realtime session. It’s now as simple as a click for clients and without you needing to explain about how to use the Session Code and connection password.

Alphabetical Heads Up List

Now you have the ability to create a Heads Up list in alphabetical order. It’s now faster to find specific words and phrases with Case Prep. With a Heads Up list in alphabetical order, Case Prep can even become a fast way to check spellings of names and terms while editing a transcript!

Phrase Maker

The Suffix Drag/Phrase Maker feature now allows you to write phrases in a single stroke even when it is not defined in your dictionary. This gives you a fast way to make a phrase just by dragging a couple of letters!


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