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Service Team Guarantee

With Extra, your writer will feel and sound like new again! With the help of Stenograph’s expert technicians, your writer will be thoroughly examined, readjusted and cleaned for optimal performance.

Stenograph recommends having the Extra for writers service performed every 24–30 months.

Extra Includes:

  • Replacement of worn parts including camshaft and universal bar padding
  • Lubrication
  • Recalibration
  • Chemical wash to remove debris
  • Readjustment of mechanical and electrical components to factory specs
  • Optional Loaner*
  • Expert service from the same team that built the writer

    (Internal battery replacement included with Endurance every 2 years)


  • Luminex, Luminex II, and Luminex CSE - With existing Endurance Plan $299
  • Luminex, Luminex II, and Luminex CSE - Without Endurance Plan $399
  • Diamante and Wave - With existing Endurance Plan $399
  • Diamante and Wave - Without Endurance Plan $499
  • Add Loaner $100* (Available in North America only)

 To purchase an Extra plan, please call (800) 323-4247 or +1 (630) 532-5100.

*If the writer has an Endurance Plan with a loaner, the loaner will be provided. For those without a loaner plan, a loaner may be rented (in North America only) for $100 while Extra service is performed. The cost of shipping the loaner, both ways, is included in the $100 cost. 

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Contact one of our sales reps for a quote on an Extra plan that's right for you.

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+1 (630) 532-5100

If you are currently on Endurance and need to renew your plan, log into your account here.

If you are not on a plan and would like get back on one, please call the number above, or send us an