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As a student in this competitive field, nothing is more important than being on the top of your game. Whether you're considering buying a new or a used machine, Stenograph has a quality writer to fit your needs. 

We have subscription, rent-to-own, and one-time payment options sure to fit any budget. Click here for details.

The Luminex Captioner Student Edition

Watch your accuracy soar with the Luminex CSE steno writer! The vibrant flat-panel screen clearly displays steno outlines as you write them, giving you an easy way to readback right from your screen. The phenomenal touch of this writer will help speed you on your way to success. Learn more about the Luminex CSE here.

CATalyst Student Software

When you use CATalyst for Students, you'll be in the company of thousands of professional court reporters, court reporting firms and captioners who use CATalyst software. You'll get practically every feature of the professional CATalyst with a limitation of 50-page transcript size.

CATalyst's intelligent features will result in the cleanest translation possible. Basic theory dictionaries for Phoenix, Stenograph and StenEd are included so you won't need to start from scratch. Apply 100% of the purchase price, or up to $495 of your monthly subscription payments, toward the list price of professional CATalyst software when you upgrade. 

Student Special Package:

      Get Student CATalyst for free when you order a new Student Luminex CSE writer. Buy Now

Student Writer and Software Options

Writer Option

Software Options

Pre-Owned Luminex CSE Rental*
Rent a pre-owned Luminex CSE for just $65 per month. A pre-owned Luminex CSE from Stenograph is certified and backed by the same people who built it!

Luminex CSE Rent-to-Own**

Rent a new CSE
 for just $75 per month for 27 months. You own the CSE at the end of the rental period!

Pre-Owned Luminex CSE One-Time Purchase***

Buy a pre-owned Luminex CSE for $1,495.

CATalyst Student Subscription+
Enroll in a CATalyst Student subscription for just $13 per month (includes support). The first 90 days of your subscription are free!

CATalyst Student One-Time Purchase+
Buy CATalyst Student
for a one-time payment of $385 (includes support).

Writer and Software Bundle

Luminex CSE One-Time Purchase

Buy a new Luminex CSE for a one-time payment of $1,995 and get CATalyst Student software with support included FREE!

*Subject to availability. $150 non-refundable deposit. Not available for online purchase.

**$230 down payment required. Not available for online purchase. Not eligible for free CATalyst Student software.

***Subject to availability. Not available for online purchase.

+Grants the user a 4-year license. For subscription payments, a credit for your total monthly payments made, up to $495, will be applied towards the purchase of professional CATalyst software. For one-time purchase, a credit for $385 will be applied towards the purchase of professional CATalyst software. Not combinable with other offers.

All prices are subject to applicable taxes. Prices and options are subject to change without notice.
Each writer option comes with a warranty, inquire for details.