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Get Ahead of the Game 

Get ahead of the game by learning your software while you’re in school. Don’t practice blindly! Writing in realtime instantly identifies your strengths and weaknesses so you can progress faster. CATalyst Student software is designed specifically for use by those training for court reporting and captioning.

When you choose CATalyst Student software, you will join the ranks after graduation of thousands of professional court reporters and captioners who use CATalyst ProYou will also get your money back, because we offer 100% of the purchase price, or up to $399 of your monthly subscription payments, off your purchase of CATalyst Pro when you are ready to transition.

It's easy to get started with the theory dictionaries that are included with CATalyst software or with a dictionary from your school or teacher. You'll get to work making it yours by adding words and phrases as they come into your steno vocabulary.

Popular Student Features

Alphabetical Heads Up List

Now you have the ability to create a Heads Up list in alphabetical order. It’s now faster to find specific words and phrases with Case Prep. With a Heads Up list in alphabetical order, Case Prep can even become a fast way to check spellings of names and terms while editing a transcript!  

Phrase Maker
The Suffix Drag/Phrase Maker feature now allows you to write phrases in a single stroke even when it is not defined in your dictionary. This gives you a fast way to make a phrase just by dragging a couple of letters!  

Print to PDF During Realtime
Designed specifically for students taking a timed test, you can print your notes to a PDF file for your teacher without taking the time to end and restart realtime.  

Cat Scratch Pane™ 
This is a virtual scratch pad for an at-a-glance list of things you want to remember during or after a job. Maybe you want to make a quick note of a term or name that you didn't get earlier. It's also good for noting witness names so you can easily locate them for read back. Anything you normally write on a sticky note is now virtual. 

Transcript Brief It™
Analyzes any previously written transcript even if you didn't write realtime or use Brief It. You can still get some great brief suggestions or reminders for your next test to reduce strokes and improve accuracy.

Text List Brief It™
Analyzes plain text files to suggest briefs for words or phrases that you anticipate writing in the future. Get a core list from another student, or any other document, and see what Brief It can do for you.

Includes Student CATalyst VP for Voice Writing Students
Student CATalyst VP integrates with Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 15 and earlier. (Dragon Naturally Speaking software and voice mask are sold separately.)


CATalyst Student has all the robust features as CATalyst Pro but with certain restrictions to prevent its use as professional software. These restrictions will not prevent a student from using CATalyst effectively in a classroom or online environment.

  • All features in Translate and Edit are available within a maximum of 50 pages
  • All features in Print are available within a maximum of 50 pages
  • Steno notes can be printed to PDF for submission to a teacher or online course site
  • Specific headers and footers are embedded and cannot be changed
  • AudioSync recording is not available at the request of teachers and schools
  • Export capabilities are limited to exporting dictionaries in Luminex, Diamante, Stentura or élan Mira format and exporting dictionaries to RTF/CRE.
  • Cloud Backup and RealTeam editing collaboration not included

Invest in your future

Apply 100% of the purchase price, or up to $399 of your monthly subscription payments, towards the list price of professional CATalyst software when you upgrade. Plus, you can start your upgrade to professional CATalyst software for a low cost initial down payment.

Licensing and Updates

A CATalyst Student software license is valid for four years from the date of purchase. The license is not transferrable to another person. Updates issued during the licensing period are available to students at absolutely no charge.