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Edge for CATalyst

If you have an Edge plan, you are automatically placed at the top of the queue when you call for Tech Support.

Edge is an annual plan that gives you access to Technical Support, CATalyst updates, Cloud Backup, and RealTeam™. One year of Edge is included with a new purchase of CATalyst Pro, CATalyst Edit, or CATalyst BCS software.

The Edge Plan

  • Available in convenient low monthly payments
  • Gives you an edge up on the competition with software updates that include new features designed to increase your productivity with less work for you
  • Includes the use of RealTeam™ for simultaneous editing during and after realtime proceedings
  • Includes 100 GB of free storage on Cloud Backup with the option to purchase additional storage 
  • Gives you access to our highly trained, U.S.-based support staff who is standing by to assist

Call Sales at 800-323-4247 to get Edge today!

If you are currently enrolled in Edge and need to renew your plan, log into your account here and select Annual Payment or Monthly Payments from the drop-down menu. Monthly payments are based on a 12-month term and will automatically renew at the end of your Edge plan.


Contract TypeAnnualAnnual
with STAR
with STAR
CATalyst PRO $792 $742 $66 $59
CATalyst PRO 24 HR $1,020 $970 $85 $77
CATalyst BCS $900 $850 $75 $71
CATalyst BCS 24 HR $1,069 $1,019 $89.08 $87
CATalyst EDIT $516$466 $43$35
$360$310 $30$26
*Student software and Student version of Edge support does not include automated cloud backup or RealTeam® editing collaboration functionality.

On an Older Version of CATalyst and Want to Upgrade?

If you are not on a plan and would like to get back on one, please call (800) 323-4247. Total cost will include the Edge Plan Price, plus $125 for every version of CATalyst you are behind.

To cancel your plan please contact our Customer Service Team 30 days prior to your renewal date. 

Support is also available on a per call basis

After Hours call with an Edge for CATalyst Business Hours Plan: $110
Business Hours call without an Edge for CATalyst plan: $200
After Hours call without an Edge for CATalyst plan: $300
Users must be on a current version of Case CATalyst.