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Writing Machine Software Updates 

To access a new version of software for your writer, select your writer family. Follow the instructions indicated to download the software to your computer and subsequently to your writer. To ensure access to the most current version of software for your writer it must be covered by a warranty or annual Protection Plan.

Case CATalyst Software Integer Updates

Integer updates, such as Case CATalyst® 21, are typically published every year or so, and are available to licensed users who have active warranty or Support Agreements. Case CATalyst 21 is offered as a download. If you are a licensed user with an e-Key™ license entitled to Version 21, you can download the Case CATalyst installation file. Click here to download the latest version.

Case CATalyst Software Decimal Updates

Our commitment to quality in between the integer updates is evident as we release decimal updates, such as 21.01, 21.02. CATalyst users are eligible for updates to their particular integer version of Case CATalyst at no charge whether there is an active Support Agreement at the time or not.

If you have Internet access on your Case CATalyst computer:

  • Open Case CATalyst  (v12.53 or later)
  • Click Help > Check for Updates.
  • With any version of Case CATalyst, run the Case CATalyst Updater from your Windows Start button.

If you do not have Internet access on your Case CATalyst computer:

  • Read Case CATalyst Help "Updating Computers without Internet Access.

To Download a File:

Right-click on the link and select the Save Target as or Save Link as option and save the file to your Desktop to hard drive and run to install program.

MAXScribe Software Update  
If you are a licensed user with an e-Key™ license entitled to MAXScribe, you can download the MAXScribe installation file.

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