The disruption to CaseViewNet service has been resolved. Thank you for your patience while we worked through this issue. We will continue tracking performance in the event of latent issues from the recent Microsoft and CrowdStrike failures. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Technical Support Team at 800-323-4247.

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CaseView Downloads for Attorneys


CaseView enables you to receive realtime from a court reporter so that you view, search and annotate during testimony. CaseView downloads are provided at no charge and may be installed on as many computers as needed.

Download and install iCVNet for the iPad and CaseViewNet for Windows computers.

For iPad Users–iCVNet App

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iPad Viewer

For Windows Users–CaseViewNet App

Windows Viewer

CaseView Cloud Gateway for court reporters

Case CATalyst users without a CaseViewNet license as well as users of  most other court reporting software software can stream their realtime via serial output to CaseViewNet Cloud Gateway. Purchase of CaseViewNet Cloud Session Code is required.

Gateway APP