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The ultimate in writer technology. Amazingly accurate right out of the box, yet customizable to your personal comfort and touch.

Stenograph’s online learning community, providing exclusive on-demand content with access to live subject matter expertise and peer-to-peer support to empower current and aspiring court reporting professionals to be more productive and profitable.

The industry-leading software for computer-aided transcription (CAT) with special editions configured for judicial reporters, captioners, editors, and students. New computer? Download our New Computer Setup Guide for CATalyst.

CaseViewNet securely streams realtime testimony to recipients using a free CaseViewNet viewer. Recipients can be in the same room as the court reporter or with CaseView Cloud, they can view remotely.

Stenograph is now offering certified, pre-owned writers. Buying directly from Stenograph offers several key benefits, including an easy repair experience, expert customer service, and guaranteed quality upon purchase.

Stenograph is here to help! Save time and find answers to technical questions about our software, writers, and download current updates at our Solution Center. Need more help? Let Stenograph’s highly skilled Support Team help you. Just call us at (800) 323-4247 or  +1 (630) 532-5100 or send us an e-mail.

Stenograph News

Press Release: January 17, 2022, Stenograph Announces Release of Sapphire Luminex II
Year-End Message from Anir Dutta, President of Stenograph, Highlights Stenograph’s Continuous Commitment to Stenography

Press Release: December 14, 2021, Stenograph Announces the Launch of APEX®, a Connected Workflow Solution for Court Reporters and Agencies
Press Release: November 1, 2021, Stenograph Announces Phoenix Automatic Speech Recognition Engine

Stenograph's Commitment to the Stenographic Court Reporting Industry

Press Release: October 26, 2021, Stenograph and vTestify Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Official Transcript in Real Time During Remote Depositions and Legal Proceedings

Press Release: July 29, 2021, Stenograph Introduces CATalyst Version 21.5 at NCRA Conference

Press Release: May 24, 2021, Stenograph Announces the Winner of the 2021 
Milton H. Wright Scholarship
Press Release: October 5, 2020, Stenograph Announces Development of Connected Workflow Solutions for Court Reporters and Agencies

A Statement of Support from Steno Leaders
STAR Press Release Announces Growing Partnership with Stenograph

August 11, 2020, Stenograph's Response to Open Letter from California Court Reporters Association

Press Release: August 7, 2020, Stenograph Announces New Training Platform and Learning Network

Press Release: August 5, 2020, Stenograph Announces Their New Logo
Press Release: June 18, 2020, Stenograph Announces Release of Limited Edition Blush Luminex II

Press Release: March 6, 2020, Stenograph Announces the Winner of the 
Milton H. Wright Memorial Scholarship
Press Release: February 11, 2020, Stenograph Announces the Winner of the Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship
Press Release: October 2, 2019, Stenograph Announces 
Robert T. Wright Memorial Scholarship for Project Steno Students
Press Release: August 01, 2019, Stenograph Announces Release of Luminex II