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Better Together, the Luminex and CATalyst

The Luminex and CATalyst are a team like no other. Each is great on its own, but together they are unstoppable–nothing helps you to get your work done more easily, or as fast.

TrueStroke™ Drag and Drop

One of the ways the Luminex helps you write so brilliantly is its TrueStroke feature. TrueStroke is the technology under the hood of the Luminex that constantly monitors all of the nuances about how you write each stroke to give you the best stroke accuracy. The Luminex will share the TrueStroke data with CATalyst, which makes it possible for CATalyst to use the TrueStroke data to figure out the translation you intended when the strokes written are not found in your dictionary. The result is cleaner realtime, and fewer edits!


Definition Swapping

The Luminex will let CATalyst know about any defines you make. Likewise, when you make a define in CATalyst, the Luminex will hear about it. It’s not just the defines you physically make either! When you use a Brief suggested by CATalyst or the Luminex, it will translate on both the CATalyst display and the Luminex display. Definition Swapping means cleaner realtime and easier read-back on the Luminex and CATalyst displays.


Better Prefix and Suffix Translation

The Luminex will use Prefix and Suffix rules you’ve created in CATalyst and the CATalyst Spell Check Wordlist to give you amazing prefix and suffix translation on the Luminex display. The result is easier read-back directly from the writer.


Easier Dictionary Export

Having CATalyst makes it easy to keep your Luminex dictionaries up to date. Making changes to dictionaries while editing is so common that it should be easy to keep your writer up to date with the latest dictionary entries. With CATalyst it is!  You won’t waste time making RTF/CRE of each dictionary you want to update and using separate import software to put those dictionaries onto the Luminex.