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Phoenix is Stenograph’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine built specifically for the court reporting industry, utilizing Stenograph’s decades of knowledge of legal terminology, formatting, and editing. Phoenix is a powerful tool allowing reporters to become more productive and save time during transcript production, thereby becoming more efficient.

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Phoenix is being used in CATalyst Check It, which allows stenographers to easily identify mismatches in translation versus the audio, speeding up the editing process by up to 40%.

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Stenograph’s newest product, MAXScribe, will also leverage Phoenix ASR and its native legal formatting capabilities to provide a single solution for recording, annotation, real-time translation, editing, and transcript production, increasing the number of pages produced per hour by up to 50%.

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Phoenix On Demand allows rapid transcript creation from audio files using Stenograph’s Phoenix Automatic Speech Recognition engine. Agencies looking to send multiple audio files to Phoenix at once can do so through direct access to the engine, providing a reduction in the time required to produce a finished transcript. Phoenix On Demand empowers agencies and legal transcription service providers to have their own custom-built engine with a dedicated cloud infrastructure. For more information about Phoenix On Demand, contact

Stenograph and TranscribeMe have partnered to offer court reporting agencies advanced transcription services. The partnership combines Stenograph's Phoenix Automatic Speech Recognition engine with TranscribeMe's expert freelance workforce to deliver high-quality, affordable, and scalable transcription solutions. Click here for more information.