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Meet the Team

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Stenograph’s assembly area is usually very quiet. Just like the Luminex, our team functions like a well-oiled machine… and with over 100 years of combined experience, it’s no surprise!  Our team’s institutional knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to quality is absolutely unparalleled in the industry.

Throughout the assembly process, absolutely everything is measured – through calibration, through expert eyes, through listening and through touch and feel.Quality control is not a function performed as the last step before shipping, but rather, at every step along the way.Every time a screw is inserted, a spring is attached, lubrication applied, or epoxy cured, the entire product is thoroughly inspected with a fresh look.

While this may sound excessive in some environments or industries, at Stenograph, we feel it is absolutely critical.In the world of court reporting, captioning and CART, we realize that the writer and its software provide the foundation for our customers’ livelihoods.Our customers’ reputation is at stake every time they perform a job, and without the highest levels of quality and reliability, our products could become a liability.Our assembly team does everything in their power to avoid this from happening.

Stenograph’s assembly team is in your corner – helping you to be the best that you can possibly be!

Watch how each Luminex is custom-built!