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Never lose your edge!

The protection you need, only available with Edge for CATalyst. Cloud Backup compresses, encrypts, and stores your CATalyst files in the Cloud. It's simple to set up and the files are available to you anytime if you need to restore them. 

Cloud Backup is exclusive to those who have EDGE for CATalyst.

  • Includes 100 GB of free storage
  • Automatically pauses backup during realtime and active editing so your feed won't be disturbed
  • Secure automated HIPAA-compliant process encrypts your data during upload, download, and storage
  • Quick and easy recovery from data loss or hardware failure

Need more storage?

Your EDGE for CATalyst includes 100 GB of cloud storage, but you can expand that storage capacity for a small charge per year.

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Cloud FAQs

Cloud Backup Security Document

Watch this short Video on how to set up Cloud.

If you are currently enrolled in Edge and need to renew your plan, log into your account here.
If you are not on a plan and would like get back on one, please call the number above, or send us an email.