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CaseTestify is Stenograph’s all-in-one purpose-built legal platform that provides users a simplified way of taking online legal proceedings. CaseTestify combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets in a simple to use, professional interface. The platform allows users to access all the tools needed to take virtual and hybrid proceedings using our cloud-based platform, accessible with a single, secure link.

Dynamic features and powerful integrations make CaseTestify the premier solution for remote and hybrid legal proceedings. Built-in integration with Stenograph’s CaseViewNet allows the reporter and other participants to present, view, and search the realtime transcript within the platform. CaseTestify also leverages our custom-built speech recognition technology, Phoenix, to power ViewScript, an audio and text in-testimony review for attorneys. In addition, integration with MAXScribe, Stenograph’s digital reporting solution, eliminates the need for third party audio capture software, providing a seamless testimony capture experience for reporters.

Designed for Legal 

CaseTestify was created with the needs of the legal industry in mind creating the optimal experience for all participants, including reporters, attorneys, and witnesses.

Robust Exhibit Management

CaseTestify's integrated exhibit management matches the workflow of in-person deposition with a private preview and public viewing tab system giving users complete control over sharing exhibits. With our tools it is easy for all parties to upload, preview, share, stamp, and annotate digital exhibits. 

Realtime Solutions

Integration with CaseViewNet provides a realtime transcript from the court reporter and gives other participants the opportunity to view and search the transcript directly within CaseTestify. Users also have access to ViewScript powered by Phoenix, Stenograph's custom-built speech recognition technology for the legal industry, which gives attorneys the ability to review text and audio testimony in real time.

MAXScribe Integration

CaseTestify's integration with MAXScribe software provides a virtual cable directly from the participants’ feeds into MAXScribe. This virtual cable eliminates the need for third-party middleware applications, providing a seamless testimony capture experience for digital reporters.

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The CaseTestify platform is updated consistently, driven by customer feedback and market demand in our efforts to provide the highest quality, purpose-built, remote deposition experience. For more information on CaseTestify, please contact Enterprise Sales at