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CATalyst Cloud Backup FAQs

If you are running CATalyst version 17.50 or higher, click the Cloud Backup icon on the Function Toolbar or click Function, Cloud Backup. Once the Cloud Backup dialog appears, you will be able to create a Cloud Backup account and begin the initial backup of your files.
If you have CATalyst version 17 installed, or are eligible to install CATalyst 17, and have not updated to the latest version of CATalyst 17, click Help, Check for Updates. When prompted, install the available update. If you have a version of CATalyst below 17 installed, you may need to purchase an Edge for CATalyst plan before you will be eligible to install Version 17. Give Stenograph a call at 1800-323-4247 or email to learn more about Edge for CATalyst and your eligibility.
If you are an e-Key licensed Case CATalyst Pro, BCS, VP and Edit user, with version 17.50 or above and an Edge plan, you are eligible to use Cloud Backup.
Cloud Backup can be used with each e-Key licensed Case CATalyst computer.
The 100GB is shared by all Case CATalyst computers.

CATalyst will warn you if you are approaching your 100GB. Additional storage space is available for purchase. Give Stenograph a call at 1-800-323-4247 to add more storage space.

The “backup” component of Cloud Backup will no longer backup new files or changes to existing files. “Restore” of files already backed up to the cloud will continue to be available for one year after Edge expiration.

No. Cloud Backup runs in the background. In fact, Cloud Backup continues to work even if Case CATalyst is closed. Only an Internet connection is needed.

It can take a long time for all of your CATalyst files to upload the first time you run Cloud Backup on a computer. Factors such as the number and size of files and Internet upload speeds contribute to how long the initial backup will take. The good news is you can close the Cloud Backup dialog box and you can even close Case CATalyst. Cloud Backup will continue to back up your files as long as there is an Internet connection.

Files do not get deleted from the cloud backup when they are deleted inside of Case CATalyst. You can choose to permanently delete files and folders from your cloud backup by using the “permanently delete” feature inside of the Cloud Backup dialog.

Yes. You can choose to exclude individual file types and/or folders from Cloud Backup. If you do not need an archive of your audio files, excluding audio files from Cloud Backup is an excellent way to conserve cloud storage space.

A Student license is not eligible for Cloud Backup.

As to not interfere with network policies and network backup functions, Cloud Backup    will not operate in environments where the Case CATalyst files are stored on a network drive.