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Luminex II — The Ultimate in Writer Technology

Welcome to the next generation of writer technology. The Luminex II is far and away the most advanced writer on the market today. Amazingly accurate right out of the box, yet customizable to your personal comfort and touch, the innovative hardware technology mixed with cutting-edge software creates a writing machine that is unmatched with its extraordinary degree of precision and high level of functionality. Simply put, the Luminex II provides the finest writing experience ever.

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Effortless Writing Experience

The Luminex II is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. With the shortest stroke and lightest touch we’ve ever offered, you will feel better at the end of a long day. Additionally, the touchscreen has been enhanced to allow you to navigate much more fluidly.

“The Luminex II gives us the option of a deep stroke, an extremely shallow stroke, and everything in between, a wider range of tension with the included tension toggle, and plenty of keyboard adjustments all the way down to the milliseconds. Stenograph has put it all out there for us with the Luminex II.” — Dee Boenau, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC, Three-Time NCRA Realtime Contest Champion, 2019 Intersteno Audio Transcription World Champion

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Worry-Free Performance

The whole purpose of technology is to make your life easier, and the Luminex II certainly does that. With the exclusive Opus audio, you’ll hear crystal clear recordings of the proceeding and be able to verify everything that was said. Not only that, but the Luminex II has an incredible battery life and considerable memory capacity for those long days without a break in the action. It also features a robust USB-C cable connection, which will help prevent the frustration that comes with fiddling with a cord behind your machine when hooking it up. And, because file security is paramount, the Luminex II is built with four independent file backup methods. When you have the Luminex II, you can rest easy knowing your work is safe.

“So now there’s a Luminex II. What can they do to improve the Luminex? Well, the crazy short stroke depth has me writing cleaner with far less fatigue than I ever thought possible, and the on-board Opus audio now matches the high fidelity I’m getting in Catalyst. … Don’t think of it as a sequel.Sequels always stink. This is evolution.” — Mike Miller, FAPR, RDR, CRR, President, Miller Reporting Group

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Impeccable Accuracy

In order to write at your best, you have to be able to adjust your machine’s settings precisely as you want them. The Luminex II is fantastic right out of the box, but it is also our most configurable writer to date. From the widest depth-of-stroke range ever to pinch-and-zoom touchscreen capabilities for your preferred text size to the adjustment of individual keystroke sensitivity, you can be sure that the Luminex II fits the way you like to work — and not the other way around. As an added helpful feature, the depth-of-stroke and tension thumbwheels are now numbered, so you never have to guess where you had them set if they happen to move when you take the writer out of your bag.

“The Luminex II is the most adjustable writer I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve written on some non-Stenograph writers as well. This one’s adjustable without the use of a computer, so adjustments can be made on the fly. Stenograph has really hit it out of the ballpark with the Luminex II. Competitors mentioned in the past that Stenograph would NEVER be able to achieve a shorter stroke. Well, they did, and it rocks!” — David Sperling, RDR, CRR, CRC

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Sleek and Modern Styling

The Luminex II is the new standard bearer in performance, but of course it has to look beautiful, too. With premium finishes that reduce scuffs and fingerprints, and clean, flowing lines, this machine is the most attractive writer in history. Get it in black, smoke, white, blush, graphite, bordeaux, or sapphire. But the beauty isn’t just for show. Ergonomics were at the forefront of our design vision, again, further allowing you to write longer with less fatigue. Last, but not least, the edge-to-edge glass LCD screen provides a slimmer profile and modern feel.

“The ease of access between the touch screen menus, the noticeably shallower stroke, and the simplicity of using a USB-C cable, eliminating the potential for loose connections, are all exciting enhancements.” — Merilee Johnson