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Whether you’re the lightest writer or the heaviest pounder, the Luminex II’s TrueStroke Technology will provide unrivaled accuracy. This is our most configurable writer to date, offering the widest depth-of-stroke range ever, and simple pinch-and-zoom touch screen gesture adjustment. The Luminex II is amazingly accurate right out of the box, yet easily adjustable with numbered thumbwheels that let you know exactly where you like your tension and depth-of-stroke settings.

The travel direction and acceleration of each key is independently measured, sensed, and analyzed to give a three-dimensional view of your stroke. It will discern dragging, splitting, stacking, and shadowing.

How it Works

  • The slightest motion or the heaviest pounding will be measured to provide the highest level of accuracy when writing.
  • TrueStroke Technology communicates directly with your writer in realtime.
  • It translates would-be untranslates by analyzing the action of your fingers and using that information to provide a more accurate translation.
  • Accurately tracks the movement of each individual keystroke.
  • Replaces traditional contact adjustments for cleaner writing right from the start.