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Infinity 3 Foot Pedal Kit

Item Number 46600
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46600 Infinity 3 Foot Pedal Kit

Enjoy Industry Standard Efficiencies!

The Infinity 3 USB Digital Foot Pedal was developed using foot control design and technologies for hands-free dictation and transcription. It features tough construction and durable internal switches which are engineered for performance and user comfort. With a re-sculpted contour, this Infinity foot pedal also features a low-profile design, a wider flare at its base for added flexibility, and features a greater surface area to stand firmly on the ground without slipping.

This means you can focus on the job at hand, seamlessly integrating in foot pedal control, without worrying about easily controlling the unit. Realize the convenience and comfort of controlling your audio files while reducing the stress on your hands and arms from additional keystrokes!

Weight: 2.1 lbs.

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