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CATalyst Pro

Item Number 39441
price per Kit

What's Included

  • License for the current version of Case CATalyst Pro
  • Product Key Code (PKC) for non-simultaneous use on up to four computers
  • One year of technical support
  • Access to any updates issued in the first year
  • Integrated Video Training
  • Self-Help Study Guides
  • Starter Dictionaries for popular theories

  • Watch Hear.Write.Deliver. to see what Case CATalyst can do for you! 

    Case CATalyst Pro gives you everything you need to create your best realtime, electronic and printed transcripts in tandem with  Luminex, Diamante and other writing machines. It's ideal for court, CART and legislative reporters who want to optimize their throughput and minimize production time.

    Case CATalyst uses predictive analytics, intelligence, and common sense to provide cleaner translation, streamlined editing, and sophisticated delivery methods, giving you a valuable commodity—free time.

    Case AudioSync, which is included with Case CATayst Pro provides realtime synchronization of audio with text so you can click and play while editing, proofreading or even while still recording the proceedings to double-check testimony or prepare for readback.

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