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Handcrafted & Designed with You in Mind

Our Development Team at Stenograph meticulously studied every detail when engineering this writer. They challenged themselves to develop a writer that not only has an extraordinary degree of precision but is the most compact, lightweight writer ever!

The Luminex features innovative computer technology and advanced software science to provide something entirely new. The Luminex is smaller and lighter, has an extraordinary degree of precision, and provides the finest writing experience ever possible.

The most important thing about this writer is what’s invisible!  Under-the-hood, dual key channels keep keys more in alignment on the way down and reduce vibration.  Chrome plated key levers reduce friction and provide a smoother action.  The frame is now made of magnesium which is much lighter but equal to or stronger than aluminum, and even stronger than titanium. The real magic happens with TrueStroke which was in the Diamante and has evolved to be better and better over the years. It is even more advanced and the result is cleaner steno notes. You can be a pounder, have the lightest touch ever, or anywhere in between and TrueStroke will make you a better writer than before.

Luminex Highlights