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Loyalty Program


These Membership Terms and Conditions (“Membership Terms”) apply to all members of the Stenograph Loyalty Program, hereafter the“Program”, offered by Stenograph LLC (“Company”) and are effective as of August 21, 2021. Upon your completion of the enrollment process you: (i) become a Stenograph Loyalty Member (“you”or“Member”), and (ii) agree that you have read and accepted these Membership Terms. These Membership Terms are subject to periodic changes that Company may make in its sole discretion. Unless otherwise specified herein, all changes to these Membership Terms and the Participation Requirements apply to all Members. By participating in the Program or accepting any Program benefits or offers, you agree to these Membership Terms, which may be updated from time to time and are available for review on and will supersede all previous versions of these Membership Terms.

These Membership Terms are subject to theStenograph Terms & Conditionsfound at

Earning Points

Members may earn points (“Points”) for specific activities “Qualifying Activities”) that include enrollment into the Stenograph Loyalty Program (1,000 points), completing a job on the APEX platform (200 points), purchasing CATalyst Software (1% of purchase price in points), Edge support contracts including renewals or reinstatements (1% of purchase price), Ascend Training Annual Membership (1% of purchase price), and other special offers or promotions as communicated and at the discretion of the Company.  Completing a job on the APEX Platform is defined as the action when the files are submitted from the reporter/resource to the Agency.

Points Issuance

Stenograph Loyalty Program Points, depending on the terms of the offer, are typically issued within 14 days of the Qualifying Activity but may, in some instances, take up to 30 days to issue.  

Points Expiration

If a Member does not have Qualifying Activity for 24 Consecutive Months, the Member’s Points will expire.  If a Member does not maintain an active status for five (5) consecutive years, the Member's Loyalty Program Account may be deactivated. Once Loyalty Program Points are forfeited, the Points cannot be reinstated, but a Member can earn new Loyalty Program Points, unless that Member's Account has been deactivated.

Points Redemption Value

1000 Points earned= $10 in retail price dollars (USD) to be redeemed.

100 Points earned= $1 in retail price dollars (USD) to be redeemed.

1 Point earned = $.01 in retail price dollars (USD) to be redeemed.

Eligible Products for Points Redemption

Members may redeem Points on purchases of products sold by Stenograph - this includes Writers, Software (CATalyst, CaseViewNet, Cloud Session Codes), Contracts (Edge, Endurance), Services and Supplies.  Loyalty Program Points cannot be redeemed for products sold by a third-party (ex. Bella’s Boutique clothing sold on that links to

If products purchased using redeemed Points are returned for a refund or exchanged, the refunded or exchange value is the purchase price minus the redeemed Points.  In addition, points will be adjusted for lack of payment for any qualified purchase.

Redemption Value; Cash Value

You may redeem your Stenograph Loyalty Program Points at the rate or rates determined by Company, which rate or rates are incorporated into, and become a part of, these Membership Terms. You may redeem your Points only to pay all or a part of the purchase price for Eligible Purchases. Points have a cash value of 1/1000¢ per point.  No credit, cash or other value will be given for expired Points.

No Points May Be Earned Prior to Enrollment

Points are not earned on eligible purchases or activities made prior to Loyalty Program enrollment date.

Viewing Points

You may review your total Point balance from the Stenograph Loyalty Program by logging into your profile on the APEX Platform or by selecting “Loyalty Points” from the APEX menu within CATalyst.

Multiple Rates
Company from time to time may establish multiple rates for earning Stenograph Loyalty Points and/or multiple redemption values that differentiate among Members.  These different rates could be based on Group Membership or affiliation (groups, example: STAR) or Member achievement of specified levels of earning (example: tiers) and/or other criteria. Member achievement levels are subject to expiration and may change or be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Company. Company makes no representations that all Members will be treated equally in the Program.


There is no Program membership fee. The participation requirements for each Member are that such Member:(i) is 18 years of age or older, (ii) has a profile on the APEX platform, (iii) has provided to Company such Member’s correct required profile information on the APEX platform, which may include at Company’s discretion: (a) first name, (b) last name, (c) complete address, (d) phone number, and (e) email address, (f) other such information as Company may decide.By joining the Program, you agree to receive promotional emails from the Program. You may opt-out from these promotional emails or subsets thereof at any time through the “unsubscribe” link provided in the emails.  Participation is limited toindividuals; companies are not eligible to participate in the Loyalty Program.

If, as a result in a change by Company in the Participation Requirements, a Member no longer meets the requirements for participation, then, from the date of such change, such Member will no longer be entitled to earn Points or receive other Member benefits, unless and until such Member meets the revised Participation Requirements.  Such Participation Requirements may include that a Member has no outstanding past due balances owed to Stenograph.

Loss of Membership, Restrictions, and Taxes

You are entitled to only one Stenograph Loyalty Program account. If you have more than one account we may, in our discretion, combine your accounts into one Stenograph Loyalty Program account and transfer your point balance to a single Stenograph Loyalty Program. We also reserve the right to close accounts at any time in our discretion. You will immediately notify Company in the event of a lost or stolen Stenograph Loyalty Program account. Company is not responsible for lost, stolen, or resulting misuse of the Stenograph Loyalty Program account. Except as expressly permitted by Company in its discretion, Stenograph Loyalty Program account and Points are not transferable and may not be sold, resold, exchanged, or bartered. Points you earn or are awarded may be subject to taxation, for which you are solely responsible.


Stenograph LLC may adjust your Points balance, at any time and without notice, due to any (a) computer error, (b) technical issues experienced by Company, (c) employee, customer, or other error, (d) any other reason which Company deems appropriate. All transactions involving Points are subject to review and verification by Company. All Points are for one-time use, and all transactions involving Points are final unless otherwise determined by Company. Any violation of these Membership Terms may result in the confiscation or cancellation of your Points and the suspension or termination of your Stenograph Loyalty Program Membership.

Overall Program Membership Terms

Stenograph LLC may change the Program and these Membership Terms at any time and without notice. Stenograph LLC may make these changes even if these changes affect your ability to use Points already accumulated. You are responsible for remaining knowledgeable about these Membership Terms. Your continued participation in the Program constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these Membership Terms.

You may opt out of receiving Stenograph marketing emails at any time by following the directions provided in each email, but operational emails will still be sent to you as they relate to the Stenograph Loyalty Program. Examples include earning activities, redeeming activities, enrollment, tier status changes.  If you terminate membership, you will no longer receive Stenograph Loyalty Program related communications.

If you no longer want to be part of the Program, you may cancel at any time by contacting Stenograph Customer Service either by calling (800)323-4247or +1 (630) 532-5100, from the UK 0800-260-6368 during regular business hours or by emailing