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Learn to Use CATalyst v18

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Great News! You can now purchase this book directly from the author, Kathy Dittmeier. Click here to order

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With 25 activity-packed modules, Learn to Use CATalyst is designed for students and professionals using CATalyst version 18 and above. Choose the lessons that correspond to your more immediate needs and save others for later. Whether you’re a beginning theory student looking to use realtime translation and Output to StenoKeys or a seasoned pro wanting to master selected software features, this is a great choice for clear, fast and interactive instruction.

What You Will Learn

In this book, you can learn to produce transcripts, create and use include files, manage your dictionary, apply editing shortcuts, understand the realtime features of the software and use the main features of each function in CATalyst.


Lessons 1-6 cover the basics of creating transcripts. Exercises downloaded from our website correlate with Lessons 1-6 to enable the reader to practice concepts learned without the need for a writer or their own Personal Dictionary. Users may begin using their own dictionaries after Lesson 6.

Chapter Summary:

  • Lesson 1: Setup User and Files
  • Lesson 2: Windows Basics (Covers the terminology of the CATalyst Windows Screens)
  • Lesson 3: CATalyst Organizational Overview
  • Lesson 4: Basic Tips for Transcript Production
  • Lesson 5: More Edit Features
  • Lesson 6: Putting it All Together
  • Lesson 7: All About Manage Jobs
  • Lesson 8: Read Options and Manage Notes
  • Lesson 9: Manage Dictionary
  • Lesson 10: Translate Options
  • Lesson 11: Customizing Views and Toolbars
  • Lesson 12: Page Layouts
  • Lesson 13: Using Page Layouts
  • Lesson 14: Creating and Using Include Files
  • Lesson 15: Advanced Edit Commands
  • Lesson 16: More Advanced Edit & Job Practice
  • Lesson 17: Edit Options, Skill Refinement
  • Lesson 18: Indexing
  • Lesson 19: Import, Export, Create ASCII, Concordance Index & Compress Print
  • Lesson 20: Keyboard Maps, Macros, & Skill Refinement
  • Lesson 21: Realtime Basics
  • Lesson 22: Brief it!
  • Lesson 23: Punctuation
  • Lesson 24: EZ Speakers
  • Lesson 25: StenoKeys

An Appendices contain quick-reference charts and tear-out pages.

Teacher Aids

A teacher's guide is available to classroom instructors for an additional fee.

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Great News! You can now purchase this book directly from the author, Kathy Dittmeier. Click here to order