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Stenograph is committed to the profession and embraces the responsibility of delivering innovative solutions that utilize the latest technology. As the leader in the industry, it is our goal to provide students and new professionals with the tools and support they need throughout their journey.

As a student in this competitive field, nothing is more important than being on the top of your game. Whether you're considering buying a new or a used machine, Stenograph has a quality writer to fit your needs.

Student Writer and Software 

The Wave

Watch your accuracy soar with the Wave steno writer! The vibrant flat-panel screen clearly displays steno outlines as you write them, giving you an easy way to readback right from your screen. The phenomenal touch of this writer will help speed you on your way to success.

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Student Special Package:

You can get Student Case CATalyst for free when you order a new Student Wave writer.

The Wave

Case CATalyst Student Software

Top reasons you will want to use Case CATalyst student version: You'll be in the company of thousands of professional court reporters, court reporting firms and captioners who use Case CATalyst software.
You'll get practically every feature of the professional Case CATalyst with a limitation of 50-page transcript size.

CATalyst's intelligence features will make translation come out even better than you thought.
Basic theory dictionaries for Phoenix, Stenograph and StenEd are included so you won't start from scratch.
Apply 100% of the $495 purchase price toward the list price of professional Case CATalyst software when you upgrade.

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Case CATalyst

Practice Tools and Resources

Performance Evaluator (PEV)

There is no better interactive solution than Performance eValuator to help you pinpoint exactly what needs improving. We've also listed some innovative supplies to make your life easier! instantly and comprehensively analyze not just your errors but the patterns and kinds of errors you make in conjunction with your clean translation so you always know exactly what you need to work on to improve your writing.


Learn to use Case Catalyst

Whether you’re a first-time CAT software user or a working professional, Stenograph has the Case CATalyst training materials you need to succeed!

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Phoenix Theory

Phoenix writers write "by sound" more consistently than writers of any other theory, so incorporating our over 7,000 non-conflicting briefs to save strokes is easier, faster and far more natural. With Phoenix you get the largest translation dictionary on the market today, so you won't be subjected to years of "dictionary building" to become job-ready.

We are excited to announce that Phoenix Theory and related curriculum will be owned and managed by one of its early contributors – Kathy Dittmeier.  We believe that under her stewardship, the Theory will thrive.  As an expert in the field, Kathy will be able to provide best-in-class support to her users and with Stenograph’s support, will continue to promote Phoenix Theory to the next generation of reporters. 

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Court Reporting & Legal Books

Are you considering freelance or official reporting? Have you ever thought of becoming a captioner or CART provider, but just are not sure about what the first step might be? Would you like to review the law and the court system in the United States with a view toward understanding it from court reporters point of view. These comprehensive handbooks can help you get the jumpstart on your career at any time.

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Super Steno Students Facebook Page

The goal of the Super Steno Students page is to support court reporting students as they make their way through school and transition into life as a professional reporter after graduation. This page will be filled with tips and helpful advice applicable to students and those just starting out as professionals.