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Pre-owned Luminex

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Pre-owned Luminex subject to availability.
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A pre-owned Luminex writer from Stenograph is the next-best thing to buying new.  We offer only our best traded-in writers and get them ready for their new owner. They have the shorter stroke feature, as well as Keyboard Profiles, sturdier keylevers, Brief It and J-Define swap with Case CATalyst.  The Luminex is  completely compatible with other Stentura-compatible software too.

Don't buy a used Luminex of unknown age and quality from an equipment dealer who is not even authorized to service the writer. Buy one from someone you can trust!

What's Included
  • Your choice of extended keys
  • One year warranty with loaner
  • WiFi enabled
  • Micro USB cable (6')
  • Data SDHC Card installed (16GB) 
  • Backup Micro SDHC card installed (16GB) 
  • EasyLock® LMX V2 Tripod 
  • Charger 
  • Downloadable Luminex User Guide 
  • Downloadable Luminex Utilities
  • Tote Bag to carry all of your essential writer accessories 
  • USB SD Card reader for computers without SD card readers
  • Optical-quality cleaning cloth and spray cleaner 

To learn more about the Luminex, click here.

Pre-owned Luminex subject to availability.