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The Diamante

With nearly 14,000 users worldwide, the Diamante has a proven track record of being one of the most reliable and efficient writing machines Stenograph has manufactured. No user set-up is required. Press the on button and start writing in less than three seconds. You won’t be holding up counsel or the judge because you’re always ready to go!

You will be able to write faster with less effort on the Diamante than you ever could on your old steno machine. Easy-to-use adjustments help minimize overlapping strokes and diminish dragging and dropping. No under-the-hood adjustments! Quickly and easily raise or lower the height of the entire keyboard, including the number bar with the simple turn of a wheel.

Let your fingers do the talking!

TrueStroke communicates directly with the writer in realtime. It translates would-be untranslates by reading the action of your fingers. It takes factual information about your strokes and provides you with a more accurate translation.

The Diamante works with Case CATalyst® and virtually every other comparable software.

  • Two SD data cards hold steno notes and audio

  • On-board memory backs up thousands and thousands of pages of steno notes

  • Versatile data transfer via cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi

  • One year warranty with loaner (in North America)

Brief It™ Helps You Write Fewer Strokes

When Brief It is active, it pays attention to what you write and how you write it. If it sees you write something in three strokes or more, it displays a suggestion for writing it shorter.

Don't worry though! Brief It won't suggest outlines you already used for something else. If you use a suggestion but then forget it next time, Brief It displays a reminder.

Whether you use Case CATalyst or not, you can benefit from Brief It in the Diamante.

AudioSync On-the-GO!

Microphone and headset jacks enable perfectly synchronized audio for listening on the job and for use with your compatible software.

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