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Nice-N-Cool Gel Mat

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The Nice-N-Cool Gel Mat features a unique gel core that absorbs your body heat and helps relieve minor aches and pains of stressed, stiff muscles, providing a cooling sensation directly to your body through the woven nylon cover. The Nice-N-Cool Gel Mat reduces body temperature for sleep comfort, fever relief, hot flashes, and night sweats.   

  • Ready-to-Use - No waiting for the freezer or refrigerator to cool the mat
  • Convenient - No plugs, cords, or electricity required   
  • Long-Lasting - Revolutionary gel core refreshes itself as you move and shift positions. Provides cooling relief for up to 1 hour   
  • Portable & Versatile - Slip into a pillowcase, position under your back in bed, use it in the car, or on a seat - anywhere you desire a comforting, cooling feeling   
  • Safe-to-Use - Safe temperature for direct skin contact; non-toxic gel core   
  • Simple Care - Hand wash as needed, store at room temperature out of direct sunlight   
  • Size - 15.5" x 11.75" 

Absorbs body heat! Keeps you cool!

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