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CaseViewNet Pre-loaded USB & Pouch, Set of 10

Item Number 39500
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Do you have clients that want to pay you for realtime, but are in too much of a hurry to download and install the CaseViewNet Viewer?This USB flash drive with CaseViewNet pre-installed is your solution. Simply insert the USB flash drive into your clients' computer and run CaseViewNet! No download. No installation. No hassle. Now you can provide realtime anytime!

Product Features

  • Full version of CaseViewNet preinstalled and ready to use
  • Works with clients who cannot download and install the CaseViewNet viewing software
  • Compatible with CaseView serial, CaseViewNet, CaseViewNet Cloud and Cloud Gateway realtime output

Package Contains

  • 10USB Flash Drives with CaseViewNet preinstalled
  • 10Vinyl pouches for storage of flash drive and business cards

If you are not familiar with what CaseViewNet has to offer you and your clients, click here to learn more about CaseViewNet.

Click here for warranty information, terms and conditions.