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Keyboard Options

Each Diamante is custom built to order, including your choice of keytops. Choose from a variety of custom-made keytops to suit your specific needs.

There are nine different keyboard options available. Pictured on the right are four out of the nine  styles we carry.





                          Pictured here are four of the nine styles we carry.


♦ Realtime: powerful features
   for translation

What you'll notice first.
Lighter Load

LCD Screen

Audio Support
AudioSync On-the-go 
Audio Sync Ports


Data Card
Backup SD Card

Specialized Technology
TrueStroke Drag & Drop
Dictionary Updating

Connections and Control
 USB Ports 
Realtime Communications 

Power and Batteries
Main Battery
Backup Battery

Personal Adjustments
Tension Control Wheel
Depth of Stroke Wheel
Screen Tilt
Tripod and Built-in Tilting Mechanism
Individual Key Adjustments

NEW! Diamante 2.0 software 
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