For Case CATalyst reporters
CaseViewNet provides realtime text and instantly synchronizes client computers with any edits including globals, done by the reporter or scopist. It's everything you ever dreamed possible. No matter if you simply insert a comma, or insert a parenthetical hundreds of pages back, your clients' computers instantly reflect the change. The quality of realtime you provide will help you retain your clients and gain new ones.


For legal professionals
Get interactive access to realtime testimony through a court reporter's private network. Since the CaseViewNet Client software is free, there are no tokens to purchase, no royalties to pay, and no compliance issues to worry about. You are free to concentrate on the important matters at hand.

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WiFi lightens your
load. The days of unscrambling cables, splitters and adapters are over. A wireless access point that’s
small enough to fit
in your bag is all
you need.

Secure encryption means you and only
you grant access and saving privileges to
your realtime transcript.

RapidRefresh™ synchronizes your transcript changes
with clients instantly!

Export to LiveNote® PTF, LexisNexis® TextMap®,Summation® and more assure that the transcript is immediately portable
to the client’s preferred litigation support software



CaseViewNet (CVN) is companion software to Case CATalyst that enables you to send realtime text through your own private local area network. A CVN certificate renewable annually gives you permission to host an unlimited number of events. The certificate is downloaded and secured on your realtime computer's hard drive. You'll need a wireless access point.

Your Case CATalyst support agreement also covers CVN. You'll need to be on an agreement at the time of acquiring or renewing the CVN certificate.

Buy your CVN certificate for immediate download, purchase your wireless access point and you're set to go. It's that easy!

The price for an annual CVN certificate is $595 or $495 for STAR members; with a renewal fee of $195/$175. STAR members: Please call 800-323-4247 to receive your discount.

Your CaseViewNet license can also be ordered via telephone with a Stenograph sales representative.

Have your litigation professional download CVN Client software OR you can download it to your computer or a USB flash drive. Hand it to your client for immediate use.

Buy software for immediate download !


Quick Set-up Guide

HelpDesk pdf (60k) document for:

Programs that can cause Case CATalyst not to send out to CaseViewNet

Settings for anti-virus or firewall programs 


How can I market my services?

Customizable flyer to market your services to clients

Quick Reference Guide

No tokens! 

Free download! 

No registration!

Universally Compatible!
Save the transcript and/or your annotations as LexisNexis TextMap, Livenote PTF, Summation and more.

Ask for a Case CATalyst/
CaseViewNet provider for your next realtime event to gain these important benefits:

Secure WiFi! 
Easy set-up. No cables,adapters. No time wasted.

The reporter’s edits are reflected instantly on your computer. You’ll have the most accurate rough draft ever possible. 


Free CaseViewNet Client software:

1. Download software version 2.1.1

2. View and print "Quick Reference Guide"- pdf

3. View and print What's new in version 2.0 and 2.1.0 - pdf

4. View and print the Readme file - txt.


  Special video presentation of CaseViewNet

License agreement

CaseViewNet Client System Requirements



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