"I love the large screen, beingable to scroll through my notes easily, and the new upgrade showing how many words per minute I'm writing."

"There is simply no comparisonto previous technology … I feel as though it took far more energy to write outlines on my previous machine as compared to the smooth technology of the Wave."

"It takes less time to write a steno outline by not needing topress on the keys in the same manner as before."

What is the Wave®?
The Wave is a top-of-the-line writer designed to give students an edge. It features the same patent-pending TrueStroke™ technology used in the professional Diamante® writer.

Students love the Wave
Students are falling in love with the Wave for all the reasons listed above and more:

  • Has the same touch and feel as a professional writer so you can write more and fatigue less.
  • It's lightweight.
  • Gives immediate feedback with a computer – or without one!
  • It's paperless.** Go green and save nearly $300 per year that you would spend on paper and writer supplies.
  • The Wave is the only student writer that works with TrueView™ to help you identify shadows and stroking issues without cost of paper.
  • The Wave is the smartest student writer ever created. It naturally adjusts for you so you can move effortlessly from beginner's touch to professional touch on the same writer.
  • The Wave's large LCD screen lets you easily see what you have stroked. No need to spend hours looking at blotchy letters on stenopaper!
  • The Wave has the lightest touch ever in a student writer so you wave goodbye to the fatigue from pounding on a manual writer!
    Startup screen can be customized to display your favorite image.
  • Includes a rolling backpack and travel-safe jet bag so it's easy to transport.

**Please make sure your school accepts paperless writers

Learn more about the Wave. Click here for full sized video. (1:50 min.) 

Wave Display Screen. Click here for full sized video. (3:08 min.)