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Soooooo, the test finally came today. I had a job, and it went from 10 to 4. And I must say, the Diamante was AWESOME! I really, really, really was so impressed with it. I am not one to be sold on 'the latest, greates' or how shiny and new something is. Don't get me wrong, I love new things, but what sells me on something is the functionality and use. I was VERY SURPRISED at how much of a difference the Diamante made in my physical effort level. I was also very surprised that at such a lower effort level I only saw a handful of writing/translation issues, dragging, stacking, etc. Maybe five times?

I honestly FELT the difference in my body after a long day's work. I really did.

If that's not enough of a ringing endorsement, well, I don't know what is.
- Justina Pettinelli

Even when I "think" I dropped or shadowed a key, my strokes are correct. I'm struggling with how to explain this. I'm attempting to make it believable because, quite frankly, if I were to describe this writer to fellow reporters, I don't think they'd believe me.
- David Sperling

It's so light! Easily picked up and held with one hand. Love that. The large screen is fantastic. It's a no fuss writer. No number contacts to change, no stacking worries. Just unpack and GO. The screen is more than double the size; so you have a lot more of the text at your disposal without scrolling back. And so light! Nice light touch, too. It's taken the writing machine to new heights. No adjustments necessary, that's all taken care of internally. I've withdrawn the word "stacking" from my vocabulary.
- Lesia Mervin


I think it's the best machine on the market.  Very glad I got it, too.  You won't be disappointed.  You can take it out of the box and use it the very next day.

...After all these years I have a writer that I absolutely love and really seems to work with me when I write.  I have told so many people:  "If my house burns down, I'm grabbing my Diamante."

One thing I noticed with the Diamante is how effortlessly I write numbers now. It seems as if with my other writers, I was reaching, and really having to position my fingers j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t on the number bar. But with the Diamante, it's just amazingly easy to hit that number bar.

It feels completely different than any other writer, but in a wonderful way.  Gone is the wrist fatigue common with all-day jobs; my tran rate is unbelievable (.3 untrans on an all-day realtime job this past Monday); overall, it just feels "easier" to write.

Love it!!!

I absolutely love my new Diamante!!  It almost writes for you it’s so smooth!

You'll feel like you're writing on air compared to the Stentura.  The light touch and shallow stroke are amazing.

I adjusted my Diamante by putting it on low first. Then I individually adjusted some keys on the right side so that they are all showing up with the same amount of pressure on the keys. Truly marvelous.

If you are a freelancer, the weight alone is worth the purchase.  The Diamante is much lighter and I find it much better balanced on the tripod.

I used my new Diamante the past two days. Wow! Didn't stack once. Wrote almost 200 pages with under ONE percent untran. Now that beats my Stentura! After 34 years reporting I think I finally found THE machine for me. I wrote all day with no fatigue, as fast as I could and there was not one stacking issue, the number bar was perfect, the touch...

Once I got the Diamante I just about fell over.  I could actually shorten the stroke and no stacking or splitting.  I think what I love most about the writer is what many reporters hate, and that is the fact that if I get shadowing I know it's me, not the fact that the key is out of adjustment.  I LOVE being able to adjust the depth of stroke and tension on the fly.

I adjusted my Diamante by putting it on low first. Then I individually adjusted some keys on the right side so that they are all showing up with the same amount of pressure on the keys. Truly marvelous.



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