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Diamante WiFi Option

Item Number 39170
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Wireless: Computer with wireless network adapter 802.11

Wireless Access Point (Router):Wireless N Router

Writing Machine: Diamante with version 1.16 or higher and with the optional WiFi component installed

CAT Software: Case CATalyst version 12.5 or higher

Add this factory-installed WiFi option when ordering a new Diamante writer.

With Case CATalyst and a WiFi-enabled Diamante writer you'll enjoy freedom of movement. Eliminate plugging and unplugging a cable when attending a side-bar, going out in the hall for a private conference, to chambers, or simply to move closer to the witness. 

Create your own private WiFi network with a router (sold separately) or use a virtual router such as Connectify at

Diamante WiFi has a lot of advantages: 

  • WiFi realtime is faster and more realiable than Bluetooth
  • The WiFi adapter is internal to the Diamante so there is nothing to damage or lose
  • Signal Strength is indicated by bars on the Diamante display. 
  • Updating your Diamante dictionary from Case CATalyst is a snap via WiFi.

If you already own a Diamante writer, you can arrange for a factory retrofit by calling Stenograph Technical Support at 800.323.4247. Pricing and details will be provided.

Diamante Owners:

If you wish to upgrade your Diamante to include WiFi realtime, contact us to make arrangements and to obtain a Return Authorization number.

Your cost is $259 plus insured shipping of your writer to Stenograph. Stenograph pays insured shipping of your writer back to you.

No loaner machine is provided but you will receive your writer back within four days of receipt at the factory. You might want to schedule this service while you are planning a holiday from working.

A prequisite to the upgrade is the presence of a Warranty or Protection Plan on the writer. Your machine will be perused for any issues while at the factory and it will be brought up to latest specifications and software version.

For more information or to arrange your upgrade, call Stenograph Technical Support at 800.323.4247.

Click here for warranty information, terms and conditions.