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Save your energy by writing fewer strokes on a daily basis! CATalyst’s Brief It suggests more efficient steno strokes as you're writing live!  Want to resolve untranslates and mistranslates?  You got it! You can do so confidently with Live Suggestion. With one stroke, you make the definition and fix the text.

Create EZ Speakers from your writer!

This is a more natural way to create speaker definitions before or during the proceedings.

Enter speakers at the speed you can write, not just the speed you can type.

  • Improve realtime quality.

  • Reduce later editing.

  • Deliver faster rough-drafts.

DEF/DEF, meet your new best friend SPEF/SPEF!

Live Suggestions gives you cleaner realtime now and less editing later!

Live Suggestions uses advanced A.I. to suggest proper translations for untranslates and mistranslates during realtime. When a live suggestion appears inside the Brief It Pane, you can quickly replace or define from your writer.

Now you can write with fewer strokes and get text translation suggestions all from one convenient location.

“Live Suggestions is in the killer app Brief It! If you aren’t using this every time you fire up that writer, you’re truly missing out on a great time-saver and cleaner transcripts/realtime feeds to your clients.”

Posted on a public court reporting forum by a CATalyst user.



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