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Now when you’re done … you’re really done!

With Finish ‘em, a single click can print a transcript and notes to PDF, create an ASCII, create and print a job report to PDF, and export notes, dictionary and text files to RTF/CRE and then export a transcript to CaseView™ Net. One click and your job is truly finished!

  • Include attachments with the Final, Draft and/or Compressed options
    for Print to PDF.
  • Print to a Printer available along with printing to PDF.

Now it is faster to do everything that is needed to finish the job. All in one step!b is truly finished!

Tran/Edit Tools Attach Exhibits to Transcripts and in PDF Files

  • Attach an exhibit of any file type to a specific location in the transcript and easily view it in context.
  • Optionally include the attachments in the PDF transcript, both full and condensed, for viewing with the free Adobe Reader.
  • Free yourself from peripheral software while providing superior service to your clients at no additional cost to you.
  • Readily access exhibits in context to accurately create exhibit descriptions.


CARTView shows text in a separate window on the same computer, or it can be dragged to another monitor or tablet using a sharing program.

How to share CARTView:Image title

  • Dedicate a portion of your screen to share with your consumer.
  • Share on a separate monitor, IPad or tablet.
  • Show remotely via online meeting software.

How to enrich the audience’s experience:

  • Customize font style, size, color, and background.
  • Adjust transparency for layering over other active windows.
  • Resize window, margins, and spacing for optimum aesthetics.
  • Snap to top, bottom, and sides without tedious manual resizing.

How to never let 'em see you sweat!

  • Keep your CATalyst screen for your eyes only.
  • Be free to use Brief It, CAT Scratch, and Power
  • Defines with abandon.
  • Never change YOUR display settings.
  • Instantly recall saved audience preferences.


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