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By adding a CaseViewNet license to your Case CATalyst Support Agreement you will unlock exclusive features, including instant refresh and control of recipients' saving rights. In-room local network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet can be provided alone or in conjunction with CaseViewNet Cloud, offered separately, for remote participants. 

$295 New CaseViewNet License for 1 Year
$175 to Renew Existing License for 1 Year ($225 if expired for greater than 90days)

Before you start, locate your Stenograph Customer Number. You will need it during this process. The CaseViewNet license will be affiliated with your CATalyst Product Key Code (PKC). Start this transcaction using the Case CATalyst license with which you wish it to be affiliated. 

Follow these instructions:

1. In Case CATalyst, click Help, About Case CATalyst.
2. When the About Case CATalyst dialog box appears, Click the CVNet button. 
3. When the CaseViewNet dialog box appears, Select Get CVNet.
4. The Purchase/Renew dialog box will appear.

5. Type your Customer Number in to the field
6. Press Ctrl + v to paste your Call-in# in to the field

You will be prompted through the purchase process of paying via credit card. Upon completion, your PKC will enable CaseViewNet on any of the computers where your PKC is active.