Check what version Adobe Flash Player is installed


How can I check what version of Adobe Flash Player I have installed?


This is a "Test Adobe Flash Player version" page provided by Adobe. 
Go to  "Test Adobe Flash Player
This page will check the version of Flash Player for the Internet Explorer browser you are using. 
If Adobe Flash Player is installed you will see a graphic similar to the next graphic.
If you don't see the "installed" graphic, or you see a graphic that instructs you to download the Adobe Flash Player, then you do not have the Adobe Flash Player installed on the Internet Explorer browser you are using. 
To begin the Flash Player installation click on the graphic or if the graphic does not appear, go to either way has the same installation procedure.
Uncheck Free Google Toolbar (optional).  This toolbar will interfere with functions within your class!
Scroll down to the software license agreement and click the "Agree and install now" button to begin installation. 

NOTE: Adobe has added the following to the Adobe Flash Player download page. "You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus software" to install Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.224   (current version).
If you are unable to install the Adobe Flash player version 11.7.700.224 and disabling your antivirus software is required, do not disable your antivirus software until you have closed any program accessing the Internet, such as email, instant messenger, additional open web pages, tweets, blogs, etc. Once you have completed the Flash Player download and install, enable your security software (antivirus software) before opening any program that will be accessing the Internet.

You may be prompted to click on a bar at the top of your Internet Explorer window shown in the following graphic.

After clicking on the bar at the top of the Internet Explorer window and clicking on "Install", the following window will open.  

Click the "Install" button.  The Adobe Flash Player will begin to install.  When installation has completed, you will see a short Flash video starting with the following frame.
Just below the short Flash presentation showing the Adobe Flash Player has installed is a graphic with the version number of the Flash Player that has been successfully installed.

Version Information


If the version displayed is not the newest version, close all Internet Explorer windows then reopen Internet Explorer and go to:
The current version of the Adobe Flash Player is supported on the following operating systems and browsers.
Windows XP SP3 32-bit Internet Explorer 8.0 (32-bit version)
Windows Vista 64bit -32bit Internet Explorer 9.0 (32-bit version)
Windows 7 64bit -32bit SP1 Internet Explorer 9.0 (32-bit version)
Windows 8 64bit - 32bit Internet Explorer 10 (See IE 10 setup for 64-bit)
Note: If you have a 64bit Windows operating system you must use the 32bit version of Internet Explorer only.  Using the 64bit browser may limit your ability to perform certain functions within your course, such as taking tests.


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