Andrea USB Audio Adapter


What is the Andrea USB Audio Adapter that other reporters are using?


The Andrea USB Audio Adapter is offered as a CATalyst VP accessory. It's mainly used by voice reporters with the SmartMic mask but machine reporters can also use it to improve the AudioSync audio recording on their PC by connecting a regular microphone, such as our AudioSync PocketMic, to it.

 The manufacturer lists the following as some of its features:

·   USB integrated electronics to provide plug-and-play connectivity

·    Enhanced digital microphone audio quality for all speech-enabled applications, including speech recognition, chat and voice-enabled web browsing without the need for a sound card microphone input


Q: What are the dimensions of the adapter?

A: 2.75” x 1.5” x .75” and an 18" attached USB cable

Q: Can I plug a microphone and headphones into it?

A: Yes, there is a headphone jack and a microphone jack.

Q: Does it use batteries or do I need to plug it in?

A: No, it does not require batteries or an external power source. Since it is USB, it’s powered through the USB connection with the computer.

System requirements:

An available USB port

An available headphone or speaker output jack if using headphones
Operating System: Windows 98 SE (Second Edition), Windows Me (Millennium), Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7 & Vista*

* The Andrea USB Audio Adapter and Windows Vista are compatible but the Audio Commander software is needed for the USB device to work properly with Windows Vista.  Here is the link for that free download:

Audio commander for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 -

Audio Commander for Vista is the top choice on the page.  There is a free download link next to the product description.

Once the user has downloaded Audio Commander for Vista and run the setup, simply plug in the Andrea USB device and set it as the default recording device in Windows Vista.  Set the volume levels in Properties of the device as you normally do in Vista.

The Audio Commander software will run in the System Tray. There is no need to open the software and make settings changes.


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