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A Typical WiFi Connection for a Diamante or CaseViewNet


A typical WiFi connection requires a router (physical hardware). A router allows only authorized computers/devices to connect to other computer systems. For example, you may have wireless access set up at home. Most likely, your cable company installed a router and your home network is connected to the Internet.

When purchasing a Diamante WiFi kit or a CaseViewNet WiFi kit, the kit includes a router (Linksys or Cradlepoint) in which you configure (name the router to reflect your network name) so when you connect your Diamante to the network, you select your network name. Or when your clients need to establish a connection to your network with their notebooks, they select your network name in order to receive the wireless realtime feed.

When using a virtual router, you still create a network name but there isn’t an extra physical piece of hardware to carry around. The virtual router is your computer - it is the ‘hotspot’. You can create the virtual router by using a software program called Connectify.

Typical WiFi setup with router
WiFi setup with virtual router (hotspot)

Connectify offers a free version and a Pro version. Connectify only works with Windows® 7 and specific WiFi card chipset. If you have Windows 7 but not a compatible WiFi card, you can use a mini WiFi adapter. It is very easy to download the free version of Connectify, set it up and determine if your WiFi chipset is compatible. Connectify will display an error message if your WiFi card is not compatible. If it is not compatible, you can simply use a mini WiFi adapter. If your card is compatible, you do not need to buy an additional WiFi adapter!
Use the following steps to download and install the Connectify software. This will let you know if your WiFi card is compatible or whether you will need to buy an additional WiFi adapter.

Connectify - Virtual Router Software Download
  1. Make sure you are using Windows 7.
    If Windows 7 SP1 is not loaded, Connectify displays a message suggesting that Connectify will run better with Windows 7 SP1.

  2. With your computer connected to the Internet, go to http://www.connectify.me/ 

  3. At the Connectify web site, click the Download button.

  4. At the Download page, scroll down to the Download buttons and click Download Connectify Lite. 

    Stenograph strongly recommends once you have installed, setup, tested Connectify with your computer and you decide that Connectify is the right solution for you that you upgrade to Connectify Pro to avoid any license issues involving ‘commercial’ use with Connectify.

Virtual Router Setup
  1. Install the downloaded Connectify software and run Connectify to proceed to the setup.  In most cases, the Getting Started is Easy dialog box displays.  When running, Connectify displays in a pane on your desktop.

  2. Position your cursor in the Hotspot Name field.  Type some identifying name or characters to give your ‘hotspot/network’ a unique name so when others want to connect to you, they can easily identify your hotspot from others.

    NOTE:  The free version will always have Connectify- as the first part of the name. It does not affect the performance or functionality of the Connectify Hotspot.  Once you upgrade to the Connectify Pro version, you can leave Connectify- as part of the Hotspot Name or you can remove it to have a fully-customizable Hotspot Name.

  3. Position your cursor in the Password field.  You want to type a password that is easy to remember and easy for your clients to type in order to establish a connection with your Hotspot.

    NOTE: If you need to be reminded of your password, place your cursor in the Password field

  4. In the following three fields, make sure they are set as follows:
    Internet to Share -- Wireless Network Connection
    Advanced  Settings
    Share Over – Wi-Fi
    Sharing Mode – Access Point, WPA2-PSK
    If the fields do not have the correct setting, use the down arrow on the field to display the list and select the specified setting.

    NOTE:  Stenograph will only support WPA2 security.  Selecting the “Ad-hoc” setup will not work and Stenograph will not attempt to troubleshoot this setup.

  5. To see if your chip set is compatible, click Start Hotspot. If you encounter a Windows error message after a few attempts, then your WiFi chip set is not supported.  A similar message displays:

  6. Do one of the following:

    a. If your WiFi chip set is compatible, you do not need any additional hardware to use Connectify. 

    It is strongly recommended that once you test the free version of Connectify and you are satisfied with the performance that you upgrade to the Pro version to avoid any commercial use licensing issues.

    b. If your WiFi chip set is not compatible, it will be necessary to use the Intellinet® Wireless 150N USB mini adapter to continue to use Connectify.

    It is strongly recommended that once you test the free version of Connectify and you are satisfied with the performance that you upgrade to the Pro version to avoid any commercial use licensing issues.


    Why should I upgrade to the Pro version?

    To avoid any Connectify licensing issues since you will be using Connectify for commercial use, it is strongly recommended you upgrade to the Connectify Pro version.

    Where can I buy the Intellinet Wireless 150N USB mini adapter?

    The Intellinet Wireless 150N USB mini adapter is available from Stenograph.  You can go to www.stenograph.com and purchase it online or call our Sales Department at 800-323-4247.

    What Windows Operating Systems are supported with Connectify?

    Windows 7 SP1 or higher is recommended.  Windows XP/Vista will not work for the setup required for Stenograph products.

    What do I do if I get a message stating that the network adapter is not connected to the internet?

    If you are using Connectify and do not have an active internet connection, the adjacent dialog box displays, click OK to continue.

    The Connectify pane displays No working internet.
    If you do not plan on having access to the internet, in the Internet to Share field, select No Internet Sharing and click the Apply Settings button.

    Is there a limit to the number of connections with Connectify?

    Connectify does not specify a connection limitation, however, your computer is the hotspot and you may experience speed degradation the more connections that are made.  If you expect more than a few connections, you may want to consider using a physical router.

    If I have questions, can I call Stenograph?

    Stenograph Support can assist with the following:

    * Basic issues with downloading or installing the software.

         * Testing to ensure your built-in WiFi adapter is compatible.

Adjusting Power Management settings.

For detailed instructions on disabling Power Management on the WiFi card, please see the following Stenograph Helpdesk document:

Connecting the Diamante or CaseViewNet computers to Connectify.

For any other Connectify questions or issues you would need to contact Connectify Support.

Connectify provides a Support Center program to assist you. This is the best way to get help with Connectify.  There are two ways to access the Support Center.

Via the Start menu:

  1. Click Start.

  2. Click All Programs.

  3. Click Connectify and then select Support Center - Get Help, Solve Problems.


Via right clicking the Connectify icon in the Sys Tray:

  1. Locate the Connectify icon in the Sys Tray.

  2. Right click and select Help and then Support Center.

Stenograph does not own, support or have any financial interest in Connectify software.  Intellinet is a registrade mark of Intellinet Network Solutions.  Stenograph is a registrade mark of Stenograph L.L.C.


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